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Thank you for visiting the 2nd Wind Project website. We have worked hard to establish a program to collect and evaluate data regionally across the Gulf for those who are sick, gathering and documenting illnesses in addition to educating the general public. We have been endorsed by filmmaker Mark Manning of The Rising: Connecting Human Health and Oil Operations who have been documenting those sickened by the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf for over 3 years. Trisha Springstead, RN, MBS has worked in many areas of medicine and research and has worked with the people impacted by the Gulf Oil Spill and continues to fight to expose and help those suffering with illnesses in the Gulf. It has been proven that oil mixed with Corexit and industrial solvents, PAH's, impact the effects of the toxicity oil on humans, animals. The devastation to our ecosystem and environment have been highly explored and documented.

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